5 of the Trashiest Documentaries Streaming on Netflix

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If you’ve burned through Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black and all 275 episodes of Cheers in what seems like one sitting, congrats. You’re a Netflix streaming addict, and you are not alone.

Next time you’re at a loss for what to watch, get in touch with your low-waste side and stream one of these five films about waste-fighting efforts big and small.

No Impact Man

From the opening frame of No Impact Man, it’s obvious that Colin Beavan will stop at nothing to live a life in line with his environmental values. Not the reasoned pleas of his wife. Not the pointed criticism of the broadcast and online media. Not the flies in the house. So, so very many flies.

Beavan and his wife and toddler daughter commit to banishing any and all activities that impact the environment in their lives and New York City home. That means eating locally sourced, seasonal meals; no packaged food; no automobiles or planes; no electricity; and, much to the chagrin and mockery of commenters on Beavan’s running blog account of the whole experiment, no toilet paper.

The movie is a funny, brutally honest inside look at a fairly far-fetched experiment in low-waste living. Some real lessons are learned by the Beavans and viewers alike.

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