Wrap It Up: Week of May 4


What’s been exciting this week on Earth911.com? Catch-up before a whole new week starts.

Our Favorites:

  1. African Banana Crop Waste Used for Fuel

    Fried, raw, baked or even distilled into beer or wine, bananas are …

  2. Styrofoam to Power Biodiesel Engines

    Styrofoam used to increase biodiesel power output? That’s what a new study …

  3. Women in Uganda Turn ‘Paper to Pearls’

    When Barbara Moller visited two displaced persons camps in northern Uganda with …

  4. Coke to Donate $1M for Recycling in Nat’l Parks

    With an estimated 25 million visitors annually, the National Mall in Washington …

  5. U.K. Residents to Recycle Food Waste Curbside

    Starting June 8, more than 56,000 homes in South Oxfordshire, U.K. will …

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