Less Waste, More Taste: 10 Mason Jar Recipes

meals in a jar

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Whether you’re preparing lunches for the week or planning an afternoon picnic, these 10 make-ahead recipes will put your recyclables to work saving you time and money. Read on for ideas you’ll love.

Photo: Angela Simpson/Eat Spin Run Repeat

Photo: Angela Simpson/Eat Spin Run Repeat

Chopped Salad To-Go

If you’re new to the meals-in-jars concept, the joy of a portable salad without all the soggy lettuce and toppings will make you an instant believer.

Dreamed up by Angela Simpson of Eat Spin Run Repeat, this preparation features nutritious spelt berries, sweet bell peppers and hearty chicken for a filling meal on-the-go. When lunchtime comes, simply tip your pre-layered salad into a bowl for a crunchy bite that’s sure to please.

For vegetarians and vegans, Simpson also includes a tasty plant-based preparation featuring quinoa, navy beans and edamame.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to make both salads at home from Eat Spin Run Repeat.

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