9 Ways to Refinish Wooden Furniture

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Before you throw away your old wooden furniture, consider how you might give it a makeover. We’ve rounded up a handful of techniques you can use to refinish old furniture along with easy-to-understand tutorials. Click through to see what you can do to turn an eyesore into an attention-grabber.


Photo: Monica Ewing/Crafty Nest


When you think about refinishing wood furniture, you might assume paint or stain are the only tools at your disposal. This doesn’t have to be the case. Crafty Nest blogger Monica Ewing specializes in upcycling shabby, unwanted items, and her tutorial for how to make a wallpapered cart showcases her skills.

To do this at home, simply leave the portions of the wood you plan to cover with wallpaper unpainted and instead paint them with glue. Then you’ll apply the wallpaper and cover with a second layer of glue to protect the paper. Visit Crafty Nest for a complete list of instructions.

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