Video: An Ingenious Way to Reuse Beer Bottles

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Quilmes, Argentina…just 17 kilometers away from the capitol city of Buenos Aires and home to the popular blue-labeled, Pabst-Blue-Ribbon-esque beer, it’s now the sight of one of the coolest “trash homes” we’ve seen.

Using the waste from local businesses and neighbors, Tito Ingenieri has made a more than livable home out of the glass bottles he collects. An ongoing 19-year project, there are 6 million bottles of all kinds in the walls of the fortress-like home. According to ecoideasnet, the people of Quilmes gladly donate their bottles to his artistic creation that he dubs as a museum of sorts.

“Actually, this house doesn’t only belong to me, but to many people in this town,” Ingenieri says. “It belongs to the people of Quilmes, who have thrown away their many bottles. Thanks to them, I was able to build a house.”

In a town that doesn’t have curbside programs available (however there are recycling centers for aluminum, PVC and other mixed materials), Ingenieri is happy to teach his neighbors about the techniques and practices of recycling and reuse while keeping the streets clean.