Artist Creates Mosaic Portraits of Celebrities from Their Trash

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Many artists utilize recycled materials in their work, but one artist takes this practice to a new level. Jason Mecier, a San Francisco-based mixed media artist who recently created a mural of the U.S. out of festival goers’ trash at SXSW, makes portraits out of nontraditional materials. Mecier uses everything from beans and licorice to the stuff found in people’s junk drawers and says he is perhaps most famous for the portrait he recently made of Honey Boo Boo. Mecier has even done a series of celebrity mosaic portraits made from their own trash, which they sent him upon request. Click through to see a selection of the portraits in this series, which may just help you start to think about trash in new ways.

Jason Mecier, portrait, mosaic

Photo: Jason Mecier

Amy Sedaris

Mecier has always been drawn to mosaics as an art form for a number of reasons.

“I like making mosaics for the obvious reasons about how people should recycle or re-think how they’re wasting their trash. It’s also just really fun [to make them], and it’s fun for people to just look into them. It’s kind of like those ‘I Spy’ books where you can identify all different objects,” Mecier told Earth911.

Mecier never received formal training as an artist, but he was mentored by his grandmother Anita Tollefson who made paintings, sculptures, collages and other art when Mecier was a child. She encouraged him to pursue mosaics even at a young age, Mecier says on his website, and taught him that materials don’t have to be expensive.

Portrait: Amy Sedaris – Author, actress, comedian