Eco-friendly July 4th Ideas Worth Celebrating Too


The fourth of July usually doesn’t conjure up images of being eco-friendly. But, there’s nothing that says you can’t strive to be the freest of free – sustainable – on this day celebrating American Independence. From celebration to cuisine, we’ve got you covered – eco-friendly July 4th.  Red, white, blue and green.

Eco-friendly July 4th ideas

Nothing communicates national pride more than your country’s flag.  Is this instance, there is actually a way to marry proper flag etiquette with good ol’ fashion eco-friendly July 4th living.  How you say? Rather than illuminating your flag after dark (per proper flag guidelines), why not simply take down the flag at night eliminating the need for powered lighting.  This practice can also serve as a daily reminder of all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  Next up, celebrate those freedoms!

Celebrate freedom

If you are attending a July 4th celebration in your area, check to see if public transportation can get you to and from.  This is a great eco-friendly practice that may seem like a no brainer.  An added bonus – you might even avoid all that traffic!

Fireworks, grilling, pool parties – almost each and every July 4th celebration takes places outdoors.  And with outdoors comes, you guessed it, bugs.  Why not repel those bugs using eco-friendly bug repellent?

No matter where you’re headed, be sure and bring a reusable tote bag or two to transport any goodies you may have brought or accumulated while out.

Hostess with the leastest

eco-friendly July 4th fare

Serving fruits and vegetables from you own garden helps reduce waste and create an eco-friendly July 4th for everyone involved. Image Credit: Elena Veselova / Shutterstock

Now if you happen to be hosting a July 4th celebration, why not consider repurposing decorations from other holidays?  This eco-friendly practice is worth it year round. Who says you can only use white Christmas lights in December? Look for other opportunities around your house. Displaying flowers or serving fruits and vegetables from you own garden helps reduce waste.

Continuing with the hosting theme, here are several other eco-friendly July 4th options to consider when it comes to food:

Still looking for other ways to create an eco-friendly July 4th?  Go ahead and check out:

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