Green Gear for Your Camping Trip

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Taking a camping trip with the family this summer is a great way to spend some quality time outdoors. A little pre-planning can help you tread lightly on the planet while you’re exploring your surroundings, so before heading out, think about making eco-friendly choices for your trip.

We’ve selected a handful of green gear and gadgets for your camping trip that will make your adventure easier for both you and the planet.

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Photo: BioLite

BioLite CampStove

The BioLite camp stove is a unique alternative to gasoline-burning stoves. BioLite’s stove uses twigs as fuel, so you won’t need to carry any extra fuel with you. By burning a renewable resource instead of petroleum, the stove also reduces your carbon footprint.

In addition to burning cleanly, BioLite’s stove can charge your gadgets while you’re cooking. The stove can convert heat from the fire into usable electricity, allowing you to charge your phone and other electronics.

Price: $129.95