Make Miniature Snowmen from Old Pill Bottles

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Photo: Bonnie Getchell/Revolutionaries via Crafting a Greener World

Photo: Bonnie Getchell/Revolutionaries via Crafting a Greener World

Decorating for the holidays can be expensive, and buying a bunch of new décor items from the big-box store can also leave a hefty footprint on the environment.

So, what’s an eco-minded merry-maker to do? Try using items you already have around the house to create festive decorations that will help you deck those halls with far less waste.

This inventive project from Bonnie Getchell of the craft blog Revolutionaries does just that by taking the humble pill bottle and transforming it into a miniature snowman that’s perfect for mantelpieces, kitchen tables or anywhere in the house that could use a dose of holiday cheer.

“My grandma loved to keep her empty pill bottles for me to upcycle into cute crafts,” Getchell wrote in her guest post tutorial at Crafting a Greener World. “I recently found a stash of pill bottles she had given me, and I was inspired by the hat-like shape that the lid had.”

After adding a few basic materials, Getchell had transformed the once-blah bottle into a cheerful snowman that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face this season.

For step-by-step instructions on how to make these yourself, head to Crafting a Greener World.

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