DIY Summer Style Ideas


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Before you head to the mall for that new summer trend, take a second look at the back of your closet. You may not wear those forgotten duds now, but a few simple modifications could keep them from going to waste and give you that fresh summer look you crave.

For all the inspiration you need to get started, Earth911 gathered up an awesome library of summer style ideas made from stuff you already have at home. Click through for 17 creative ways to save money, reduce clothing waste and stay in style all summer.

Photo: Hanna Paal/Pearls & Scissors

Photo: Hanna Paal/Pearls & Scissors

1. Frumpy blouse to summer top

This style success story began when blogger Hanna Paal received a floral blouse hand-me-down from her boyfriend’s grandmother.

Not the most likely beginning, but believe it or not, the chic summer top on the right is made entirely from the blouse’s pleated sleeves. Talk about getting creative!

Head to Paal’s blog, Pearls & Scissors, for step-by-step instructions on how to transform the sleeves from one of your frumpy hand-me-downs, thrift store finds or back-of-the-closet blouses into something brand new.

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