Escambia County Recycling Program

The Division of Solid Waste Management

13009 Beulah Road
Cantonment, Fla. 32533
Phone (850) 937-2160
Fax (850) 937-2152

The Escambia County Division of Solid Waste Management operates the Perdido Landfill, an Integrated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management Facility, in Cantonment, Florida. A MSW Landfill is a place where household garbage is placed for disposal. The waste is placed in the landfill and then leveled and compacted by large bulldozers and compactors.

At the end of each workday a layer of dirt, mulch or similar material is placed over the garbage to keep odors to a minimum and to prevent animals and birds from dragging waste out of the landfill.

Perdido landfill uses a number of procedures to protect the environment from contamination. Two primary methods used to protect the environment are the landfill liner and gas extraction systems. The landfill liner system collects rainwater and other liquids that may enter the disposal area.

These liquids, called leachate, are collected by the liner system and directed to holding ponds on Perdido Landfill for initial treatment before being pumped to the ECUA Water Reclamation Facility at Bayou Marcus for final treatment and disposal.

The Landfill Gas Extraction System captures methane gas generated by the decomposition of MSW. The landfill gas program collects and uses greenhouse gas, methane, fuel in an electrical generation system. This allows Perdido Landfill to generate energy for transfer to the local power grid.

The Division of Solid Waste Management continuously promotes an education and awareness campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle. The Division also encourages participation in the free programs offered to Escambia County residents including free drop-off recycling, free Regional Roundups (collection in community of household hazardous waste and end of life electronics), yard debris, educational outreach services, paint reblending and distribution, shoe reuse and recycling and many more programs.

These services, along with participation by the public, will make a significant difference in the amount of waste buried in the Escambia County’s Perdido Landfill and will reduce the risk of soil and groundwater contamination, as well as the risk of combustion from items that have been disposed of improperly.

Regional Roundup
Held a minimum of five times annually
8 a.m. – noon
Call for location. Specific locations include: Escambia High School, Bailey Middle School, Pensacola High School, Washington High School and Tate High School

The following items can be disposed of at Regional Roundup Events:

Household Hazardous Waste

If household hazardous waste (HHW) is disposed of improperly it can start a fire, give off dangerous fumes, contaminate the soil or groundwater or cause injury to people or animals.

HHW are items in a home that can cause injury if handled improperly. These items will usually have a warning or cautionary statement on their label, such as flammable, corrosive, poison or toxic. This includes items such as swimming pool chemicals, home maintenance products such as cleaners and drain openers, paint and paint products, fuels, gases, lawn and garden chemicals, aerosol cans, compact fluorescent light bulbs and automotive repair and maintenance products. The HHW is collected and repackaged. It is then transported to a facility where it is disposed of properly.


Businesses and residents can now dispose of all types of electronics. Recyclable items include computers, monitors and terminals, keyboards, mice, and printers. Residents can also dispose of TVs, copiers, fax machines, VCRs, stereo systems, telephones, and microwaves.

Only clean, dry items will be accepted. Electronics that have been stored outdoors or have water damage cannot be recycled. If you have a basic list of electronics, your processing time will go quicker. If you are from a business, please call (850) 937-2160 to make an appointment for disposal.


Four tires per household/vehicle will be accepted for no charge at each event. We will not accept more than four tires from any one person or vehicle, so please do not try to visit the site multiple times.


Escambia County’s Drop-Off Recycling Program
The Division of Solid Waste Management Recycling Operations operates a Drop-Off Recycling Program and the primary goal is to conserve natural resources and to reduce energy consumption by recycling selected materials.

Items eligible for recycling are aluminum cans, steel cans, glass food and beverage containers, plastic containers #1-#7, plastic shopping bags, cardboard, junk mail, paper, magazines and newspapers. For more details see our recycling guidelines page.

There are numerous recycling drop-off site locations throughout Escambia County. The recycling containers at each drop off site are checked daily, Monday through Saturday. Full collection containers are returned to the Perdido Landfill Recycled Material Processing Facility (RMPF) to be emptied. The recyclables are sorted and prepared for brokers and end users to be made into products using post consumer content, thus completing the recycling loop.

Please join our recycling program and be an active part of the Escambia County Integrated Solid Waste Management System. For more information dial (850) 937-2160.
Recycling Guidelines:
Cans, Glass, and Plastics can be mixed together

  • Aluminum cans, tin (steel) cans, and glass containers should be rinsed
  • Do not include aluminum foil, pie tins, cooking trays, paint, aerosol, mirrors, ceramics, pesticide, or herbicide cans
  • Plastic items with #1- #7 markings are the only plastic items that the County can recycle right now. For example: plastic milk jugs, soda bottles, liquid laundry detergent, and bleach containers. Do not include motor oil containers

Newspaper and cardboard can be mixed together

  • Newspapers should be kept clean and dry. Do not include plastic coated containers (such as milk and juice cartons)
  • Keep cardboard clean and dry. Please flatten boxes to save space in the recycling bin