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Thank you for visiting Earth911′s Maryland page. Below you can find more resources offered in your state, as well as recent news from your neck of the woods. If you’re looking for where to recycle in your area, please use the Earth911 recycling location search.

Maryland Programs and Resources

Air Information Center
This site provides information about local air quality, air programs, and ways to get involved.

Emergency Numbers to Call for Suspected Pollution Problems in Maryland
This site provides emergency numbers for a variety of pollution problems.

General Assembly
Phone: (800)492-7122

Maryland County Recycling Websites
This listing provides recycling resources for each county.

Maryland Department of Education
The Department of Education houses information that can help teachers, students and parents with questions they may have regarding kindergarten through 12th grade state education programs.
Phone: (410)767-0462

Maryland Department of Environment
This department protects and restores the quality of Maryland’s air, land, and water resources, while fostering economic development, healthy and safe communities, and quality environmental education for the benefit of the environment, public health, and future generations.
Phone: (410)631-3000

Maryland Governor’s Office
Phone: (410)974-8336

Maryland Recyclers Coalition
“MRC promotes sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling of materials through a combination of education programs, advocacy activities to affect public policy, technical assistance efforts, and the development of markets to purchase recycled materials and manufactured products with recycled content.”

Maryland Recycling Coordinators
Select a county to find local recycling coordinator’s contact information.

Pollution Prevention
This program offers a proactive approach to environmental management. P2 is the reduction or elimination of pollution at the source rather than through control or treatment technologies at the end of the pipe or stack. P2 promotes a whole facility, multimedia (air, waste, and water) perspective in order to avoid the transfer of pollutants from one waste stream to another.
Phone: (410)631-4119

Recycling in Maryland
This site provides general information, coordinator resources and state program information regarding the State’s recycling.
Phone: (800)732-9253

United States Environmental Protection Agency-Region 3
This agency serves the environmental programs in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Phone: (800)438-2474

Waste Management
MDE’s Waste Management Administration protects and restores our land and water resources by reducing the quantity and toxicity of generated wastes through recycling and source reduction, ensuring the control and proper disposal of waste, assuring that oil is handled in an environmentally safe manner and that contaminated sites are remediated for viable economic development.
Phone: (410)631-3375