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Thank you for visiting Earth911′s Mississippi page. Below you can find more resources offered in your state, as well as recent news from your neck of the woods. If you’re looking for where to recycle in your area, please use the Earth911 recycling location search.

Mississippi Programs and Resources

Keep Mississippi Beautiful
This organization provides education and incentives to measurably reduce the amount of litter on Mississippi’s highways, streets, and byways, and to reduce the volume of material going into its landfills.
Phone: (601)362-9099
Website: http://www.kmbpal.org/

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
This department provides information and links to programs to protect the environment in Mississippi.
Phone: (601)961-5171
Website: http://www.deq.state.ms.us

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Air Division
The Air Division is responsible for ensuring that air quality within Mississippi is protective of public health and welfare. The division is charged with controlling, preventing, and abating air pollution to achieve compliance with air emission regulations.
Phone: (601)961-5587
Website: http://www.deq.state.ms.us/MDEQ.nsf/page/Main_Home?OpenDocument

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Hazardous Waste Division
The Hazardous Waste Division oversees the assessment and remediation of both abandoned and responsible party sites where hazardous or toxic substances have been released to the environment.
Phone: (601)961-5220
Website: http://www.deq.state.ms.us/MDEQ.nsf/page/Cleanup_HazardousWaste

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Recycling and Solid Waste P2 Program – The Recycling Program
The Pollution Prevention Solid Waste Program provides educational programs, publications, and technical assistance on ways to reduce and recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and other types of solid waste.
Website: http://www.deq.state.ms.us/recycling

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
This department provides general information regarding the wildlife in Mississippi.
Phone: (601)432-2400
Website: http://home.mdwfp.com/

Mississippi Home Page
This is the State of Mississippi’s official Web site.
Website: http://www.ms.gov/

Mississippi Recycling Coalition
Phone: (800)545-3764

Mississippi State Department of Education
Phone: (601)359-3242
Website: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/

United States Environmental Protection Agency-Region 4
This agency serves the environmental programs in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
Phone: (800)241-1754
Website: http://www.epa.gov/region4