Teen-Founded Nonprofit Joins Forces With RecycleBank


In partnership with RecycleBank, Ally Maize and Chloe Mills of Green Youth Movement promote recycling at this year's Earth Day event.

At just 15 years of age, Los Angeles teen Ally Maize was more aware of environmental issues facing our planet than most adults twice her age. With the help of her parents, she founded the environmental nonprofit Green Youth Movement (GYM), which aims to inspire awareness and give a broad understanding of what it means to “live green.”

The organization’s impact just got a boost thanks to a partnership with RecycleBank. Rewarding consumers for their green actions, RecycleBank recently announced a pilot program with the city of Los Angeles.

The program will offer reward incentives to participating Los Angeles households that take positive green actions through recycling and waste reduction.

“RecycleBank will bring meaningful value to the residents of Los Angeles,” says Ron Gonen, CEO of RecycleBank. “On average, our members earn between $130 and $200 in reward value each year through their home recycling efforts.”

“RecycleBank continues to demonstrate that when financial incentives are aligned, people will make the better environmental choice. We hope everyone can join together and see the value recycling has to offer and realize it is the one simple thing that every one of us can do today for a better tomorrow.”

Green Youth Movement will be the youth-driven nonprofit in Los Angeles spreading the message to kids and teens about RecycleBank and the simple actions they can take in their homes through recycling. GYM and RecycleBank plan to co-host events, tree plantings and other activities in an effort to bring Los Angeles City to zero waste.

“RecycleBank is a program that I feel extremely passionate about,” says Maize. “It provides such an accessible option for people who are determined to save our environment, but aren’t quite sure where to start. GYM’s partnership with RecycleBank will provide yet another valuable way teens can help save our environment.”

High school freshman and GYM Vice President Chloe Mills will serve as liaison for Recycle Bank and work with local schools to educate students about the benefit of the RecycleBank program. Pretty impressive for a high school freshman!

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