12 Breathtaking Nature Scenes

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This Earth Week we asked our staffers to share with readers the most memorable environmental experiences they have had outdoors. Take a journey around the globe with them – from Patagonia, to South Africa, to the Swiss Alps – as they reflect on the moment nature took their breath away.


Amanda Wills - Managing Editor

Amanda Wills - Managing Editor, Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Amanda Wills - Managing Editor, Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Ryan Huffman - Political Correspondent, Location: Newport, Rhode Island
Paul Hughes - Retail Strategy Group, Location: The Swiss Alps
Megan Dobransky - Resource Editor, Location: South Africa
Matthew Connelly - Business Development Manager, Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Lori Brown - Senior Outreach & Communication Manager, Location: Swaziland
Jennifer Berry - Public Relations Manager, Location: Nicaragua
Haley Paul - Contributing Writer, Location: Bisbee, Arizona
Gloria Dawson - Contributing Writer, Location: South Africa
Brian Clark Howard - Contributing Writer, Location: Brazil
Alison Lara - Staff Writer, Location: France
Alexis Petru - Staff Writer. Location: Big Sur, California

It was hard to choose just one photo from the trip of a lifetime where I traveled to the end of the world to see melting glaciers and breaching whales. Dean (my stepfather and favorite hiking buddy) and I tackled the long hike to Mount Fitz Roy along the border of Chile and Argentina. The most amazing part about this trail was that the landscape changed about every five miles, from snow-covered rocky terrain, to fields of delicate flowers eager to bloom.

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