Want Glass Packaging Instead? Just Ask


Want your favorite products to be packaged in glass? Ask for Glass. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ziko

The Glass Packaging Institute wants to give you a way to ask for your favorite products to be packaged in glass. Enter the Ask for Glass campaign.

Done mostly through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, the Ask for Glass campaign is in response to a growing consumer demand for their favorite products to be packaged in glass, according to Lynn Bragg, president of GPI.

Take, for example, the Heinz ketchup bottle. “Heinz is reintroducing the 14-ounce glass bottle into stores this summer,” Bragg says. “This was a push from consumers that requested that the iconic glass bottle come back.”

This is the kind of story that GPI hopes to replicate with the campaign.

“Glass packaging fits with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle,” Bragg says. “You can heat glass and nothing transfers; it’s virtually inert. And it’s 100-percent recyclable. So by purchasing glass, you’re benefiting the environment because it can come back around as a new glass container.”

GPI isn’t saying that other packaging types are unsafe. “We’re only interested in promoting glass and giving consumers another option for their favorite products,” Bragg says.

To learn more about the Ask for Glass campaign visit the website, and to take part in the campaign, try Facebook.

Earth911 partners with many industries, manufacturers and organizations to support its Recycling Directory, the largest in the nation, which is provided to consumers at no cost. The Glass Packaging Institute is one of these partners.

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