Puma Bag Dissolves in 3 Minutes


German shoe and sports apparel company Puma is on a mission to reduce its carbon “paw-print,” starting by making its packaging more environmentally responsible.

Puma recently unveiled the Clever Little Shopper, a new shopping bag made of 100 percent cornstarch that the company says will decompose in a compost pile in three months. Can’t wait? You can also dissolve the bag in about three minutes by stirring it in a bowl of warm water. The resulting water, colored with eco-friendly red dye, is safe to pour down the drain, according to Puma.

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The company estimates that the new compostable bag will save 192 tons of plastic and 293 tons of paper annually.

In November, Puma debuted its replacement for the traditional shoe box – the Clever Little Bag, a reusable bag fitted with a cardboard sheet to hold the shoes. The bag uses 65 percent less cardboard than the standard shoe box, has no tissue paper and replaces the plastic shopping bag.

It also gives customers a bag they can reuse for shoe storage in suitcases, at the grocery store and around their home. Made of polypropylene polyester, the bag is recyclable when the customer wants to dispose of it, the company says.

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