Dog Poop to Power Park's Street Lamp


A Phoenix suburb is considering using dog waste collected at a popular dog park to power the park’s street lamp. Photo: Creative Commons, by Ori~

One dog’s waste is another man’s treasure?

The Phoenix suburb of Gilbert is considering harvesting the power of poo, converting dog waste from a popular dog park into methane to power the park’s street lamp, The Arizona Republic reports.

Dog owners at Cosmo Dog Park, which receives 600,000 visitors a year, would clean up after their pet using park-supplied biodegradable bags and then drop the bags into the dog waste digester, instead of a trash can. They would turn the digester’s hand crank to stir the mixture, causing the methane to rise and fuel the street lamp.

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The town is seeking a corporate sponsor for the $25,000 project, and Arizona State University science students would be charged with designing the digester.

The pilot project is scheduled to go before the Town Council next month for approval, and, if successful, the technology could be applied to other energy-generation projects.

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