World’s First Compostable Swimsuit


Eco-fashion designer Linda Loudermilk’s new compostable bikini, made from plant starch, can decompose in 180 days when buried in soil. Photo: Haute Natured

Thought you’d seen the latest in eco-friendly swimsuits when Earth911 told you about the solar-paneled bikini that could charge your iPod?

Now green fashion designer Linda Loudermilk has unveiled the world’s first compostable bikini during the first-ever sustainable swimwear show, Haute Natured, at Fashion Week Miami Swim in mid-July.

Called the “Vivienne Westwood of eco” by Elle Magazine, Loudermilk says the new bathing suit, made from plant starch, will completely decompose in 180 days when buried in soil – not in the pool.

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The Haute Natured show also featured swimwear designs made from wood pulp, hemp, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles and repurposed military parachutes.

“Our mission is to use the runway as a platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainable design, where products are created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its life span,” said Haute Natured creator Ryan Hattaway in a statement.

Haute Natured is planning future runway shows in New York and Los Angeles.

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