Ford Asks What an EV Should Sound Like


Ford wants the public to vote on Facebook for which sound its new all-electric Focus will generate to comply with new pedestrian safety laws. Photo: Ford

Hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are known for driving silently, without the roar of a gas engine.

But due to safety concerns for pedestrians unable to hear the quiet cars, the federal government will soon require all hybrid and electric cars be equipped with an artificial noise generator.

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Ford, which plans to release its Focus Electric later this year, is letting the public vote on four sounds for the new electric vehicle on its Facebook page.

Which noise do you prefer? Test sound B, which sounds like a conventional gas-powered engine, or test sounds A, C or D that sound almost like a space ship taking off?

The Ford Focus Electric will be Ford’s first electric car. The automaker says the new car will offer a mile-per-gallon equivalent better than the Chevy Volt and will fully charge in three to four hours – half the charging time of the Nissan LEAF.

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