5 Reuse Ideas for Old Sports Jerseys

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For sports fans, jerseys are often the most beloved articles of clothing in the closet. But these hard-worn treasures have notoriously short lives. Just because you can’t wear that old jersey to tailgates anymore doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. Try out one of our five fan-tastic reuse ideas for old sports jerseys.

1. Blanket

Quilt for sale by Etsy user plumcozycottage

You may need a few pieces of old sports gear to make this one, but it’s the perfect way to show your spirit and stay warm at chilly night games.

Cut out the pieces of your old jerseys, shirts and sweatshirts that you want to display on the blanket. For button-up jerseys, sew the front closure together before you start cutting. For a collage effect, save the scraps to mix in with logo pieces later.

Then, assemble your blanket. You want to have two equally-sized pieces of fabric for each side. You can sew all of your pieces together into a quilt or use larger pieces of fabric (think: old bed sheets in team colors) and layer jersey pieces overtop where desired.

Once you have each side of the blanket completed, carefully start sewing the sides together at the edges. If you want more fluff or insulation in between, you can sew your new jersey blanket right over an old blanket from the back of your closet, or to head to a local craft store and pick up some cotton filler.

Check out these detailed instructions from Straw.

Quilt pictured: For sale by Etsy user plumcozycottage.

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