Cat Litter Made from Recycled Tires


Kitty litter is a gross but essential part of cat ownership. And another downside to changing that stinky litter box is all the litter you’re throwing in the trash.


The manufacturers of a patent-pending cat litter system claim to have solved this problem with reusable litter made from recycled tire treads.

Arizona entrepreneur John King dreamed up the idea for EnviroKats in early 2010 after replacing the tires on his car.

He was charged a disposal fee of $2.50 per tire, which may not be a ton of money, but it got King thinking about the high cost of tire disposal.

The EPA estimates that the U.S. disposed of 290 million tires in 2003. And while many of these tires are recycled, some still end up tossed in landfills.

King decided to make a product that helped make use of tossed tires and solve a common cat-lover woe.

Each litter box contains approximately 1¼ tires that would otherwise hit the solid waste stream, and the promise of reusable litter could keep huge amounts of cat waste out of landfills.

The system may look simple – a tub filled with pieces of ground up rubber. But King claims that if you follow cleaning instruction properly, you’ll never have to replace the litter.

To clean the litter box, scoop solids as usual. When you notice cat odor, rinse the litter off and dispose of the liquids in an area of your choosing.

In addition to reducing cat waste that winds up in landfills, the system could represent huge savings in annual litter costs.

The pet-owner who provided the original test home for EnviroKats claimed to spend $50 per month on litter for her six indoor cats.

She has yet to replace the litter, and her savings to date reach $250.

While the product has yet to hit the open market, tests were favorable. And earth-conscious cat-lovers could have a new solution to litter troubles by the end of the year.

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