Lazy-Day Craft Ideas For Kids

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The dog days of summer have officially arrived, and many a household is full of stir-crazy kids entering the last few weeks of summer vacation. The next time you’re out of ideas on a rainy day or slow afternoon, why not try some reuse crafts the whole family can enjoy? Check out our four reuse projects for kids, and go craft crazy!

Candy Wrapper Belt

Photo: Megan Heep, plumpudding

Where there are kids, there are candy wrappers. You can recycle these sweet leftovers, but if you have an afternoon to kill, why not use them for a fun project instead?

This crazy-cool craft, dreamed up by plumpudding blogger Megan Heep, will keep your little girl occupied and give her a brand new accessory for her closet.

This makes a great group craft for summer slumber parties, too. Every little attendee will have a party favor to take home, and you’ll get a few hours of blissful quiet.

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