5 De-Cluttering Craft Projects For Your Dorm

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The cramped quarters of college dorms are hardly conducive to eco-conscious living. Just the thought of sleeping in a closet with a stranger is enough to make any co-ed want to grab the nearest mass-produced plastic wall organizer and call it a day. But living a green dorm life is possible. Before you hit the megastore, check out these five clutter-banishing crafts you can make yourself. You’d never know they’re all made from recycled stuff!

1. Wall Organizer

Photo: Monica Ewing, craftynest.com

When you can’t expand out, expand up. Wall organizers are great ways to keep clutter off floors and tabletops.

And while hanging pouches of plastic may seem like a great quick-fix, they usually don’t last until finals before ripping and being tossed in the trash.

This repurposed organizer project, dreamed up by Craftynest blogger Monica Ewing, is durable enough to last you until your first apartment. And it’s a great reuse project for your old crib.

Be warned – your parents might get emotional. Their little baby is all grown up.

Ewing uses her organizer to keep crafts supplies in order. But a similar design can be easily applied to storing school supplies, clothing or whatever else you have lying around.

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