Can You Recycle Your Underwear?

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Undergarments can be tricky items to recycle. It can seem pretty gross to donate them to a charity to be re-worn by someone else, and small swatches of fabric can seem impossible to reuse. So, the garbage can often seems like your only option. But don’t toss those old unmentionables yet! Check out our top four reuse ideas for worn underwear, and start recycling even the smallest bits and pieces.

1. Compost them

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The notion that your worn-out underwear could be fuel for your compost pile may have never crossed your mind. But it is possible! If your undies are made from a natural fabric like cotton or wool, they’re perfect ingredients for your compost pile or worm bin. Wash your garments with a nontoxic detergent before composting, and watch your drawers turn into food for your garden.

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