10 Reuse Ideas For Food Packaging

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It can be tricky to get away from food packaging, as over-packaged choices abound. But if you can create beauty or functionality from your packaging, it’s not exactly waste is it? Check out our top 10 reuse ideas for food packaging, and starting saving money and keeping useful items out of the landfill.

1. Get scrappy

Photo: Lisa M., The Dating Divas, thedatingdivas.com

Scrapbooking is a great rainy-day activity. It preserves your memories and gives you something to do when you’re bored around the house. But did you ever guess you could make an eye-catching scrapbook design using old food boxes?

Lisa M. – one of the writers behind the marriage and home life blog The Dating Divas – dreamed up this niftytutorial that turned old cereal boxes into a creative scrapbook birthday gift.

Lisa admits that she isn’t “the craftiest cookie in the jar,” but her tutorial makes this book look easy. And the end result is so fab, no one would ever guess it’s made from food packaging.

This tutorial uses mostly cereal boxes, but it can be easily applied to any food boxes you have lying around. Try using pasta, rice or frozen-food boxes, too.

2. Freeze your leftovers

Freezing foodstuffs before they perish is a common green tip. But if you’re using store-bought freezer bags – which can retail for more than $5 a pack – freezing can get pretty pricy.

Ditch the cost of freezer bags (and your use of raw materials) by using old food packaging instead. Bags used to package frozen vegetables, fish and meats are equipped with lining that effectively blocks freezer-burn – and they’ll keep frozen foods just as fresh the second time around. The plastic bags inside cereal boxes are also great for freezing foods, as they also have a moisture-blocker to preserve freshness.

Some of these bags already have a re-sealable closure for easy reuse. But bags that aren’t re-sealable can be just as useful for storing your leftovers. Try to get as much air out of the bag as you can, then seal it off with a non-toxic tape or the clips you use to seal your potato chip bags. Make sure to wash all your packaging well before reusing it.

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