10 Reuse Ideas For Food Packaging

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7. Show off your memories

Photo: Rikki Hibbert, rikkihibbert.co.za

For most of us, the idea of making our own picture frames conjures up memories of hot-gluing sticks together at summer camp. But if you ask South African photographer Rikki Hibbert, who refused to settle for hodge-podge frames for her artistic shots, homemade frames shouldn’t be anything less than fabulous.

8. Store…anything!

Plastic food storage containers are great solutions for keeping foods airtight or storing odds and ends around the house. But why buy these containers at the store when you already have loads of them sitting in your fridge and pantry?

Glass jars are a frugal homemaker’s dream. They can be used to keep foods airtight in your pantry, fridge or freezer. And they’re also super-useful for storing small loose items from paper clips to pins. The plastic tubs used to package butter, cream cheese and other dairy items can also be easily repurposed to store food or other items.

While glass jars can be reused to store anything if cleaned properly, you want to be a little more careful when it comes to plastic. All types of plastic tubs are generally safe for storing anything other than food.

If you’re using your tubs for food storage, find out what numbered plastic you’re dealing with first. Different plastics are best used to store different types of food. So, do a little research to make sure you’re using your plastics properly. And never put plastic food containers in the microwave unless the original packaging says it is safe.

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