10 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

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Tip #7: Use our huge library of tips and tricks to green your outdoor party, and enjoy and end-of-the-season bash with all your friends. Photo: Flickr/ben.chaney

7. Plan an outdoor barbecue

The days of grilling outdoors with friends are surely numbered. So, why not plan one last soiree to cap off the season? Check out our tips for an exciting (and eco-friendly) outdoor blowout, and ask all your friends to bring something to lift some of the party-hosting stress.

If you have a small backyard or are just wary of having a bunch of people at your house, utilize the barbecue pits at your local park. The larger space will allow you to freely invite all your friends, neighbors and co-workers to your fiesta, and the park atmosphere will make you feel all the more connected to the great outdoors.

8. Make a difference

Nothing beats spending time outside and making a difference for the planet. Bring your love for nature and your desire to help together by participating in a local cleanup.

Visit your local parks or streets department’s Web site to find an upcoming park, river or beach cleanup near you. Spending the day at a cleanup is a great way to meet eco-minded people in your area, help keep your neighborhood beautiful and enjoy a day of outdoor fun.

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