10 More FREE Ways to Go Green

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It can sometimes feel like making earth-friendly choices means spending more money. But going green doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creative thinking, it’s easy to ditch the high prices of trendy eco items and go green at no cost. Last year we found 10 free ways to go green. This year, we found 10 more.

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Tip #2: Not sure when free events take place in your area? Check out your local park's online calendar to get you started. Photo: Flickr/Vince Alongi

1. Go carless

Sept. 22 is World Car Free Day, making it the perfect time to find carless ways to commute. Try leaving your car at home and walking, biking or taking public transportation this Thursday. Who knows? You may even prefer your new auto-free routine.

If you absolutely must use your car to get to work or other important errands, try carpooling with friends and co-workers to cut back on transportation-related emissions.

2. Head to the park for a free event

Dozens of free events take place at almost any given park in the United States each year. And even small neighborhood parks usually have an online calendar of events to help you stay up to speed on what’s going on.

During the fall months, attend a local harvest festival or fall carnival at your local park and start communing with nature and having fun while doing it.

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