10 More FREE Ways to Go Green

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Tips #3 and 4: If you're already addicted to social media and browsing the Web, harness your obsession for good by using the net to go green. Photo: Flickr/lisaclarke

3. Click to give

If you want to donate to earth-friendly charities but don’t have the extra cash floating around, don’t hang your head in despair. An increasing number of Websites allow you to contribute to multiple causes with a click a day. That means no cost, just clicks!

Harness the power of your Web-browsing finger to contribute to The Rainforest Site, The Animal Rescue Site, The Hunger Site and more. A simple Web search with the words “click to give” will yield dozens of causes you can contribute to for free.

4. Tweet for change

You already use Twitter to stay up-to-date on friends, news and other topics of interest. So, why not use it to go green? Your clever tweets can reach hundreds of other users with just one click. Talk about free PR!

To use your Twitter obsession to help the planet, try tweeting one green tip or environmental fact every week. Stuck on ideas? Follow Earth911 and some of our partners (like Mother Nature Network, Environmental Leader, The Daily Green, Recyclebank and Consumer Reports), and re-tweet some of ours!

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