10 More FREE Ways to Go Green

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Tip #5: Food packaging can be tricky to avoid. For items you can't recycle, use our library of tips to reuse them at home. Photo: Flickr/blmurch

5. Repurpose your packaging

Food packaging can contain plastics and other materials that are very difficult to recycle. And if you’re short on money and time, figuring out ways to dispose of them can get tricky. But we’re here to help. Check out our top 10 reuse ideas for food packaging, and get a new useful item from your throw-aways.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, check out our ways to use leftover food scraps or items you have in your pantry to make tonight’s dinner, clean up household messes and more.

6. Become a Freecycler

Have a few items on your need-to-buy list but don’t quite have the cash to pay for them? Check out Freecycle, and find treasure in another person’s trash. Browse through hundreds of working electronics, appliances and other household items people are looking to get rid of. And advertise some of your old items to ditch the hassle of disposal.


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