A Greenie's Guide to the Open Road

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3. Drive for Efficiency

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A few simple changes in your driving habits could mean less time refueling and more time enjoying the scenery. Photo: Flickr/timo_w2s

Tuning up your car is only the beginning. Most of the fuel-saving fun happens once you hit the open highway. While you may not think your driving habits make a difference, these simple alterations can add hundreds of MPGs to your vehicle over the course of your trip.

Accelerate gradually and use cruise control whenever possible. And avoid hours of idling in traffic jams by packing a GPS with you. A few simple clicks can yield an alternate route that’s fabulously gridlock-free.

If you already know where you’ll be headed on your trip, take a few minutes to plan your route ahead of time. Avoid cities you don’t plan to stop in to reduce the risk of traffic jams and stop-and-go driving. And choose a flatter route whenever possible. Even if it takes a little longer, driving on a flat surface usually saves enough gas to make it worth your while.

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