A Greenie's Guide to the Open Road

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5. Be ready with resuables

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Avoid waste on the road by stocking up on reusable water bottles, shopping totes and tableware before you leave the house. Photo: Flickr/indi.ca

It just wouldn’t be a road trip without endless convenience store stops for coffee, water or whatever your road-weary body needs to fuel up. But just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to reach for bottled water or disposable coffee cups.

Pack sets of reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and shopping totes to keep the trash bag in your car empty. And don’t forget the reusable tableware! Stock up on easily-portable tableware and food storage containers like these from Preserve. They’re durable enough to withstand multiple uses and made from 100 percent recycled #5 plastics.

Don’t think you’ll be able to use your tableware on the road? Think again. Many sandwich shops, pizzerias and other common road trip lunch-stops will gladly put your food into a reusable container if you ask.

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