How to Get Involved in Local Glass Recycling

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Photo: Flickr/Elvissa

Wouldn’t it be great if more of your local bars and restaurants recycled glass?

In a recent Glass Packaging Institute survey of bar, restaurant and hotel glass container recycling programs, partnerships – including those with customers like you – proved key. The survey was used to collect data, but also to find best practices for successful programs.

“The glass container industry has always known that bars, restaurants and hotels are a source for high-quality recycled glass. And this survey provides some details and best practices that we hope will encourage more communities to assist local foodservice and hospitality businesses recycle their glass bottles,” says Lynn Bragg, GPI president.

The survey provided insight into how much recycling was being done, and at what cost to the participating establishments. Whether it was with the recycling facilities, the community or the customers, the one factor that played a role in all the others was partnership.

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do to help your local bar and restaurant scene recycle their glass bottles, we have a few ways to get involved.

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