10 Crazy Crafts With Candy Wrappers

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For kids, Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without trick-or-treating. But what to do with all those leftover candy wrappers? Sure, you can recycle these sweet leftovers. But the next time you have a lazy Saturday with the family, why not try one of these 10 cool candy wrapper crafts instead? You’d never believe what you can make with your kid’s Halloween plunder.

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Craft #3: Create an adorable zippered pouch for the kids using bagged candy wrappers like Skittles, M&Ms and Whoppers. Photo: Vanessa/Punkin Patterns

1. Starburst wrapper bracelets

Give your kids a spunky style boost with these adorable Starburst wrapper bracelets dreamed up by engineering student, crafter and Fluffyland blogger Sam. The end result looks so prim and polished, you’d think it took her hours to make. But the simple folding and weaving technique is easy enough for even the youngest of crafters. You’ll only need 30 to 36 Starburst wrappers to whip up these cute creations (Now and Later wrappers work great, too).

2. Candy wrapper decoupage

If you don’t watch Martha Stewart regularly, you may not even know what decoupage is. Well, it’s pretty much just a fancy name for pieces of paper glued onto a surface to create a smooth finish and a collage-like look. And, not one to leave any crafty stone unturned, Martha simply couldn’t resist giving this one a whirl with candy wrappers. In her tutorial, she suggests using your wrappers to spice up a light switch plate, but you can use the same method to decoupage anything – from your daughter’s favorite notebook or diary to your son’s lunchbox.

3. Sweet tooth pouch

Keep the bright colors and excitement of Halloween alive all year round with this fun and functional project from crafty mom and Punkin Patterns blogger Vanessa. Appropriately dubbed the “Sweet tooth pouch,” this cool little trinket lets your kids store pencils, toys or just about anything. Vanessa used a Skittles bag on one side and an M&Ms bag on the other to double the sweet fun, but you can create your pouch from whatever bagged candies your kids brought home. This one may look a little tricky, but don’t be intimidated. The detailed tutorial will help you do it right.

4. Lollipop beads

Where one woman sees trash, Vermont mom Sarah sees treasure. A self-proclaimed candy-addict, Sarah used the wrappers from Dum-Dums lollipops to make adorable beads for other craft projects and chronicled it all on her blog Stepping Thru Crazy. Just start with plain wooden beads, use the simple wrap-and-glue process outlined in Sarah’s tutorial and you have some sweet little embellishments to keep in your craft room. If you’re pressed for time, this one is easy enough to finish in just a few minutes.

5. Pixie Stick-inspired drink

What’s better than a yummy holiday drink? Sipping a yummy holiday drink from a Pixie Stick straw. Jessica Wilson, children’s book writer and scrumdilly-do blogger, dreamed up a way to turn all those Pixie Stick wrappers into fun paper straws and even invented a tasty holiday beverage to go with it. Learn how to make the drink and the straws in Wilson’s tutorial. And don’t worry – these bevs are alcohol-free and safe for the kiddies.

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