This App Has Recipes for Your Leftovers


Before heading out to the grocery store this week, take a new approach to building out your shopping list: high taste, low waste. A new app from helps generate delicious recipes (from top Scottish chefs!) for your Thanksgiving leftovers (great for those guests with eyes bigger than their stomachs). It also features a portion-size and meal planner.

Download Love Food, Hate Waste: iPhone and Android
Cost: Free

The Lovefoodhatewaste opens up with the option to select the amount of diners at your table. This will help to determine the portion sizes.

The app has a tab labeled “Blender” in which you can add in the ingredients that you have leftover. After the holidays, this could work as a simple recipe generator for the food you already have in your pantry. Save a trip to the store!

Once all your ingredients are “blended,” the app pulls up tasty recipes based on the ingredients (and their size) in your Blender.

Still need more help in saving waste this holiday season? The Lovefoodhatewaste app has a library of tips and tricks to help you do just that.

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