10 Funky Ways to Reuse Old Magazines

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Empty out those magazine racks! Here are 10 crafty ways to reuse old magazines, newspaper and junk mail.

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Craft #2: Use those old magazines to create a fun paper tree just in time for the holidays. Photo: Lilly/Just Like Martha

1. Decoupage accessories

If you or the kids have a pair of shoes, a backpack or even a T-Shirt that looks a little plain, why not spunk it up a bit using old magazine pages? This step-by-step tutorial from FaveCrafts.com teaches you how to use your magazines to decoupage accessories and clothing in a snap. That’s right, decoupage isn’t just for furniture anymore! Pick out the photos and pattern you like best, and you’ll be left with a fun accessory that’s perfect for the young or young-at-heart.

2. Paper Christmas tree

Add a touch of recycled fun to your holiday decor with a Christmas tree made from recycled magazines. And the best part is – no tools required. The tree shape is formed simply by folding each page diagonally and bending the finished product into a cone shape, as described in this tutorial from craft maven and Just Like Martha blogger Lilly. Paint your tree with nontoxic paint if desired, or leave it alone for a rustic look.

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