New Starbucks Store Built from Shipping Containers


Photo: Flickr/williamd

Starbucks fans in suburban Seattle will soon be buying their next cup of Joe in a store made from old shipping containers.

The new Starbucks location in Tukwila, Wash., set to open in the near future, is built mainly from four steel containers formerly used to transport goods overseas, The New York Times reported.

The coffee giant liked the idea of not letting the containers it uses to import coffee and tea go to waste, company spokesperson Alan Hilowitz told the newspaper.

Starbucks sees great potential in easily moveable “cargotecture” and may roll out the portable, upcycled building style to more locations, he said.

“We can put a store like this on a lot that will be developed someday but is free for two or three years, and then we can move it,” Hilowitz said.

The store’s building materials aren’t the only feature that sets it apart from the company’s 17,000 other locations worldwide: The Tukwila Starbucks will be drive-up and walk-up only with no space to congregate inside.

Constructions photos of the new Starbucks store can be viewed at the Seattle PI.

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