10 DIY Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

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Decorating the Christmas tree is a beloved tradition for many families. This year, try adding a new tradition to your holiday repertoire – making your own decorations. These 10 homemade ornaments are so fun and festive, you’d never guess they’re made from trash!

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Tip #2: Use empty egg shells to create bauble ornaments light enough to adorn even the smallest branches. Photo: Lachlan Rogers/Lachlan.Rogers.Name

1. Egg shell baubles

The next time you’re whipping up a morning omelette, don’t compost those egg shells. Turn them into enchanting baubles for your Christmas tree instead! Empty egg shell baubles are as elegant as store-bought ornaments but light enough to adorn even the smallest of branches.

Use a drill with a 1 or 2-millimeter bit to penetrate the egg shell, cook up the egg and decorate what’s left, like Lachlan.Rogers.Name blogger Lachlan Rogers. As he explains in his detailed tutorial, Rogers experimented with permanent marker, paint and even nail polish on the decorative eggs. But if you plan to compost your ornaments after the holidays, stick to non-toxic and water-based markers and paints instead.

2. Holiday card ornaments

Recycled holiday cards make perfect ornaments: sparkly and elegant yet impossible to break. With this quick and easy tutorialfrom Martha Stewart, you can turn all your holiday cards into eye-catching globes and circles that lock together to compliment your tree. All you’ll need is a hole punch, some scissors and some thread.

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