10 DIY Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

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Tip #7: If you're a few pieces short of a full Scrabble board game, use the remaining tiles to create clever decorations for your tree. Photo: Justin Meyers/scrabble.wonderhowto.com

7. Scrabble tile ornament

If you have a few pieces missing from your Scrabble board game, don’t toss the whole thing! Use the remaining tiles to craft a clever ornament for your Christmas tree, like WonderHowTo.com contributor Justin Meyers. Use your tiles to form festive words like “joy” and “peace,” or spell out the names of everyone in the family. As outlined in his tutorial, Meyers used a power drill to complete these ornaments. So, this one is best suited for older crafters.

8. Quilted CD ornament

After switching to digital copy for music and movies, it can be tough to know what to do with those old CDs and DVDs. If you’re stumped for a reuse idea, try using them to create prim and pretty quilted ornaments like Tennessee crafter and Helenismos blogger Helen. Don’t be too intimidated by the name. Helen’s “faux-quilting” technique is a little easier than the real thing. But this craft still may be a bit too involved for children and craft novices.

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