Dell, Goodwill Expand Free Computer Recycling


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The Dell and Goodwill Industries partnership, which created the Dell Reconnect program has been recycling end-of-life computer equipment since 2004. In fact, they’ve recycled more than 200 million pounds since inception, which is the equivalent of more than 40 million laptop computers!

This week the Dell Reconnect program is expanding their service to 319 additional Goodwill donation sites, making responsible computer recycling available in 77 new counties throughout Ohio, Alabama, Kansas and Florida. This expansion means the program now reaches more than 64 million households throughout the US. and Canada’s 2,600-plus participating locations.

Not only does the Dell Reconnect program benefit local communities by using all proceeds from donated computers to help people find jobs and get back into the workforce, but it also contributes to Dell’s global goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of computer equipment by 2014.

Find a Dell Reconnect location here and join the effort to reduce e-waste worldwide.

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