Guide to Greener Gift Wrapping

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After unwrapping gifts on Christmas or Hanukkah, you and your family have a host of shiny, new gadgets and toys to play with – but you’re also left with mountains of wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows and bags.

From reusable gift bags to compostable wrapping paper, Earth911 rounded up six ways to create the perfect gift package, while leaving a lighter impact on the planet.

1.  Make the gift wrap part of the gift

Your gift wrap won’t go to waste if it’s a present in and of itself.

A watering can makes the perfect container for a gift of gardening gear, and a mixing bowl or pot can double as a gift box for cooking supplies.

You can also easily wrap gifts in soft materials like blankets, tea towels and scarves, which make lovely presents themselves.

Reusable bags are another zero-waste gift wrapping option and help the environment twice: They eliminate wrapping paper and give your loved one a reusable shopping bag to take to the grocery store. Place your present in one of these fashionable totes with cool graphic designs from Envirosax or Chicobags, tie the handles in a bow, and your friends and family won’t miss the patterned wrapping paper. Watch Chicobag’s video above for tips on wrapping gifts with reusable shopping bags.

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