Old Christmas Trees Protect Marine Life


Riverside County in Southern California will be recycling many of its old Christmas trees into protective habitat for juvenile fish this winter. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When residents in Riverside County, Calif., drop off their Christmas trees for recycling this year, they’ll not only be saving space in the landfill; they’ll also be helping marine life.

The waste management department for the county, which lies east of Los Angeles, has teamed up with the California Department of Fish and Game to turn old conifers into a new home for local fish, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Residents are encouraged to drop off their Christmas trees at the local Badlands and Lamb Canyon landfill, where the Department of Fish and Game will collect the trees and use them in local lakes and waterways to create habitat that protects small juvenile fish from larger predatory fish.

Trees dropped off at other collection sites in the county or placed at the curb will be sent to local green waste processors and ground into compost and mulch products.

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