5 Low-Waste Air Fresheners for the Home

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We all want our homes to smell fresh for winter company. But store-bought air fresheners can cost a fortune and often contain less-than-friendly chemicals. For a sweet scent that’s easy on the planet (and your wallet), check out these five all-natural air freshers that you can make yourself.

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Combine dried flowers with seasonal ingredients like fruit, pinecones and fresh spices for a warming scent. Photo: Flickr/goaliej54

1. Seasonal potpourri

Price: Less than $5

Homemade potpourri is a cheap and easy way to make your home smell inviting. For green brownie points and an extra-sweet scent, use ingredients you already have on hand and spice it up with some local and seasonal flare.

If you receive floral bouquets as host or hostess gifts this winter, save the dried flowers for potpourri. And don’t forget your own backyard! If you live in a warm climate, pluck some flowers from the garden, or pick up a few pinecones if you call a cooler state home.

Combine your foliage with fresh spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg from the farmer’s market, and add some local fruits for a seasonal scent. Orange and grapefruit peels will make perfect additions for those in warm climates. If you live in a cool-weather state, set aside some cranberries while preparing your holiday dinner.

Make sure all the ingredients have dried completely, and combine them in the container of your choice to freshen any room of the house. As the scent wears off, toss in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to get the most out of your potpourri, and don’t forget to compost the leftovers!

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