NYC Walk Signs Made Into Lights

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Photo: Felix Lighting Specialists

If you’ve been missing the classic “Walk, Don’t Walk” signs of old-school New York City, you’re in luck. You can now own one of the iconic signs and use it to light your home.

UK-based lamp manufacturer Felix Lighting Specialists saw potential in the discarded signs – which first hit the streets of NYC in 1952 and were phased out in favor of newer LED models – and transformed them into hip household lighting.

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The original signs have been fitted with new circuitry, allowing the “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” portions of the sign to illuminate at timed intervals. Irony of ironies, these Big Apple artifacts are fitted with U.K. plugs. So, plan on purchasing an adapter for use in the states.

Sign lamps, available in classic NYC yellow or limited-edition aluminum, are available for purchase online for £825. The price is less than modest, but if you’re willing to foot the bill, you could soon own a little piece of history.

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