7 Reuse Ideas for Old Jeans

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Do you have old pairs of jeans that are too damaged or simply too beloved to donate to your local thrift store? Clear out your closets and get crafty with these seven creative upcycling projects for your old denim duds.

Your old jeans can be cut into strips, sewn, and transformed into kitschy coasters. Photo: Squidoo.com

1. Coasters

You won’t need any sewing experience – just scissors and fabric glue – to make these unique coasters out of jean hems and the seams that run of the length of each pant leg. Just follow these simple instructions from Polka Dot Pineapple blogger Arlette: After cutting out the hems and seams, apply fabric glue to a small section of one side of the denim; then roll it up tightly. Continue gluing and rolling until you have created your perfectly-sized coaster; then lay the coaster on a flat surface for a few hours to dry.

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