5 Coolest Green Kickstarter Campaigns

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3. Sustainable seafood: from food truck to restaurant

Photo: Flickr/y6y6y6

Who says sustainably harvested seafood can’t be affordable, fast and served in a casual setting?

Certainly not Chef Andrew Gruel and Jethro Naude, the founders of SlapFish, a food truck offering reasonably-priced sustainable seafood in Huntington Beach, Calif. To ensure responsibly-sourced fare and keep prices low, SlapFish buys its fish directly from fishermen.

Since opening for business last April, the SlapFish truck has already built a strong local following, attracting over 2,000 Twitter followers and garnering rave reviews from local and regional media.

Now Gruel and Naude want to turn their popular food truck into a casual-dining restaurant in the 2,200-square-foot space they recently acquired in Huntington Beach, a half mile from the ocean. They are currently seeking Kickstarter supporters to help fund the restaurant remodel, which will incorporate many green elements such as building new booths out of reclaimed wood.

In the future, the pair hopes to standardize their business model of buying seafood direct from the source and open up other SlapFish locations beyond Orange County.


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