5 Coolest Green Kickstarter Campaigns

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4. A CSA program for natural dyes

Photo: Flickr/Linwood K

You’ve probably heard of CSA programs – community supported agriculture – for fruits and veggies, where you sign up with a local farm to receive its fresh seasonal produce throughout the year. But New York’s Textile Arts Center, which offers a store and studio for fiber artists and hobbyists, has come up with an idea for a unique kind of CSA: one that offers locally grown plants to use as natural dyes for textile projects, to replace polluting synthetic dyes.

The Sewing Seeds CSA is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the soil, raised beds, irrigation system and other materials needed to convert an abandoned plot of land in Brooklyn into the garden that will grow these plants.

Once the garden is set up, CSA members will pay a subscription fee to finance the project year-round and will receive workshops and recipes for turning the CSA’s plants into natural dyes. Dyes can be made from leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, bark and even vegetable leftovers like onion skins and carrot tops.


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