5 Coolest Green Kickstarter Campaigns

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5. An eco-friendly microbrewery-hostel

Located in the heart of the West Virginia mountains, the Brewstel Microbrewery and Hostel makes a great home base when you want to enjoy nearby ski resorts, national forests, rivers and cultural attractions. The Elkins, W. Va., microbrewery-hostel combo is also the perfect travel accommodation for the eco-minded guest: The hostel was built from reclaimed barn wood donated by a local farmer, and the entire operation recycles and uses tankless water heaters.

But founder Tim Powell wants to make the Brewstel even more sustainable and is looking for contributions through Kickstarter to turn his green vision into a reality. Powell plans to establish a rooftop garden, where he will not only offer gardening classes, but also grow vegetables to be used in the downstairs brewery. He also aims to recycle rain water on-site, install solar panels and set up an equipment rental program for local home brewers.


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