Last-Minute Green Tips For Valentine's Day

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Photo: Flickr/hmomoy

Think you can’t green your Valentine’s Day plans because you waited until the last minute (again)? Don’t fret, planet-friendly procrastinator. Here are six green tips to help you show your love the eco way.

1. Start at the farmer’s market

Think your local farmer’s market is just for fruits and veggies? Think again. Most farmer’s markets carry a wide selection of locally-grown flowers, and you may even discover some tasty chocolate confections made by farmers and artisans from your neighborhood. Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? Don’t stress. Try an unconventional gift like homemade cider, jam or apple butter to show your honey you care.

2. Use your local grocer

Planning to gift your Valentine with organic flowers or candy? Shopping online or at local green boutiques is one option. But if you’re pressed for time, utilize the selection at your local grocery store. Green & Black’s and Newman’s Own organic chocolates are carried in most supermarkets, and almost all grocers’ florists carry organic and sustainable choices. Just ask!

3. Try a greener gift wrap

Get creative when wrapping your Valentine’s Day gifts by using recycled, reused or repurposed materials. Check out our handy guide to greener gift wrapping for ideas.

4. Choose a gift that gives back

Think outside the candy box for your Valentine’s gifts by choosing a gift that gives back. That $20 you’d spend on a bouquet of roses could buy a flock of chicks for a hungry family through Heifer International or help save an endangered species through the World Wildlife Fund. Use our guide for more charitable gifting ideas, and start showing your special someone (and the planet) some love.

5. Dine green

Planning a night out on the town with your Valentine? Choose a sustainable or eco-friendly eatery to cut back on the footprint of your meal and support a green business in your community. Not sure where to start? Just type your zip code into a green restaurant search database, like the Green Restaurant Association or, for a full list of choices in your area.

6. Think vintage

Sure, you could make a last-minute trip to the mall for your Valentine’s jewelry. But wouldn’t it be cooler to give your special someone a gift with a touch of history? Rather than hitting the big-name jewelry stores, check out a local thrift shop or second-hand store for a vintage necklace, ring or broach that suits your sweetie’s style.

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